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Lo q fae el aburriemiento... sesion de test, q hacia mucho q no hacia ninguna xD

Which "Natural Wonder" are you?

Anda... curioso... Ôo yo q pensaba q seria un huracan o algo asi...

Which Rock Chick Are You?

Ni idea de quien es la dama ^^UUUUU

You are Tonks. You rock my mittens.

Which Chick from Order of the Phoenix Are You? (Spoilers)
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Ondia.. pero no pienso teñirme el pelo.

You are a blue dragon! You are reliable and
steady. You are known for being able to work
for long periods of time without tiring. You
are intelligent and very perceptive, and a good
judge of talent. You are good at finding
humans who would make good dragonriders. You
tend to set reasonable goals, and almost always
succeed at what you set out to do.

What color of Pernese dragon are you?
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PERN *_* Farenth... Ramoth... *_*

Discworld: Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU?

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Tengo q leerme hombres de armas ahora q lo pienso... ^^U

You are Death, the Grim Reaper. Your job is to see
that people die, and you don't particularly
care what happens to them afterwards. You like

What Discworld character are you?
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Mort - "There's no justice. Just him."

Which Discworld Book are you?
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Congratulations, you have a Gold Dragon!! You're
dragon is the Queen B here, and lawd almighty,
does she know it! You are smart, strong, and
more empathetic thean you're willing to let
people think. You and your dragon are the most
important dudes around.

what color dragonrider would you be (pernese)?
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jejeje xDDDDDDD

Harper Hall result
You belong in the Harper Hall!

What Crafthall of Pern should you belong to?
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Me invitara algun Weyr a vino de Benden??? O:)

Brown Dragon
Your a brown dragon! You LOVE to eat, eating is
fun. funfunfunfun! But when it's time for
business, you finish your meal then kick butt!

What pern fire-lizard are you?
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Canth ^^U

swift, graceful, and a skilled archer, no on'es
going to mess with you. you might be a bit vain
at times, but you're a great friend to have.

What Supernatural type creature are you?
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... Azirafel NO digas nada ¬¬U

The spirit of nature...
You are a spirit of nature. Found in every nook
and cranny of the world, you are anywhere life
is. You wish only friendship and healing for
the world. Nothing can stop you from pursuing
that goal.

What type of supernatural spirit are you?
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... azi no te rias tanto q te oigo desde aki >.<

You are Justice, the first daughter of Telgar
Hold's Steward! And that's not all, you are
also the rider of green Delalith and a
Wingsecond! You take pride in where you come
from, and are a bit of a diplomat. You're also
a knock-'em-dead beauty, but down-to-earth and
have never let it go to your head. You're a big
optimist (typical blonde, hehe), and your logo
would be a smiley face. ;)

Which of my (female) Valihi Weyr (Pernese Writing Group) Characters Are You?
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A ver si pillo mas libros de los dragoneros de pern... ^^U

Weyr residents.

A varied bunch you are. Maybe you're a drudge,
maybe you're a guard, maybe you're a foster
parent. Either way, we're lucky to have you.
Afterall, it's you people who get things done
while the rest of the Weyr is collapsing into
chaos. And, it's advantageous to you too. You
people actually have time to do what you want
with your life, raise your kids, and not have
to worry about dying tomorrow

Congratulations on skipping the lure of the pretty

Which Pern character to choose?
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lo dicho xD

You are a demon. You rebeled agaisnt Heaven long
ago, and were cast into the Abyss. Knowning
only hartred for 1000s upon 100s of years. BUt
that doesnt mean you cant repent. After your
escape from hell, but joing with your human
host, their memories and emotions grounding you
into this new world. Let us hope that you got
someone who had loved, for Heaven no longer
helps, and the Gates of hell have craked! To
try and save yourself, or destroy all hope for
others, the choice is yours.

What World of Darkness creature are you?
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Va a ser cuestion d mirar el jueguecito a ver como d malo es xD

You are a servant of the Weaver. Part of the
mystic Triat of the Wyld, the Weaver, and the
Wyrm, the Weaver is the spinner of every web.
She seeks to bind everything in order, logic,
and stasis. She is associated with technology,
spiders, and cities. Some say she is insane,
others that she is merely insatiably ambitious.
She will reward you handsomely for your
faithful service...and you will be faithful.

What fundamental force of nature in the World of Darkness do I serve?
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tejedoraaaaaa jejejee

You are a Changling, a unique creature indeed. You
resent order, and are deathly allergic to the
Weaver. You come from a magical alternete world
called Arcadia. You probaly like fantasy, or
pink...ewww pink!

What World of Darkness being are you?
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Ôo pos fale... mmmm Eshu? xD

<<>>???What Kind Of Angel R You???<<>>( Anime Pics )

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pos fale xD

+what genre of anime best suits you?+*

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Vash-You are the main character, you try to look at
things in a lighter sense, but at heart you are
very serious. you have had a tough past, but
you have come out a leader. nothing poses a
problem to you.

anime - What Trigun character are you?
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You are a Dragon of Heaven
You are a Dragon of Heaven. One of the 7 Seals
destined to protect all of humanity and prevent
the apacolypse. Now the question is which member
are you?

Are you Dragon of Heaven or a Dragon of Earth?
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XD pos fale...

Dragon Soul Female
You have a Dragon Soul! You were once a Dragon, a
magnificent, powerful creature, that can be
kind and wise, just as easily as terrifiying
and destructive. Your soul left it's original
body and traveled here for a reason, you have a
mission to fullfil in this life, or even the
next. Listen closely to your deepest feelings
and thoughts and you will find your true self!

Do you have a Dragon Soul? (Female)
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y el dibujo es de Royo *_*

Water Dragon
Glasmuir, The Water Dragon is your Dragon
Companion. Her element is Water of Water, Lor
and Muir (Sea) and her direction of power is
Siar (West). She appears as a transparent
green, rising from the sea, with cascades of
water gushing from her jaws, surrounded by the
colors of sunset. Her left hand holds a golden
chalice. Her gift is the Chalice of Memory. Her
stone is the Serpentine.

Find Your Dragon Companion
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