lunes, diciembre 29, 2003

Stay With Me (Shakespeare's Sisters)

if this world is wearing thin

and you're thinking of escape

i'll go anywhere with you

i'll do anything it takes [just wrap me up in chains]

but if you try to go alone

don't think i'll understand

stay with me, stay with me.

in the silence of your room

in the darkness of your schemes [ ... dreams]

there among the souvenirs [you must only think of me]

and the useless memories [there can be no in between]

when your pride is on the floor

i'll make you beg for more

stay with me, stay with me.

you'd better hope and pray

that you'll be safe [ that you make it safe]

in your own world [back to your own world]

you'd better hope and pray

that you're gonna awake [that you wake one day]

back in your own world [in your own world]

[cause when you sleep at night they don't hear your cries]

[in your own world]

[only time will tell if you can break the spell]

[back in your own world]

stay with me, stay with me.

Dedicada a ti, enano, y a todos los q recuerden la epoca en la q redescubrimos esa cancion... gracias a todos vosotros x estar ahi y aguantarme :D

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