miércoles, noviembre 24, 2004

Mas que mil palabras...

Un graffiti puesto con autorizacion del ayuntamiento de alcala de henares y la fundacion colegio del rey, en la calle mayor de alcala, debido al IV centenario del quijote... Mas de mil palabras, amigos frikis

jueves, noviembre 11, 2004



Turn around and pick up the pieces.

I, like a rock, sink.
Sinking 'til I hit the bottom.
The water is much deeper than I thought.
Nothing to swim with.
Kicking but I keep sinking.
A lesson that no one could have ever taught.

Chorus: 'Cause I can almost breathe the air
Right beyond my finger tips.
I'll turn around and pick up the pieces.
One more push and I'll be there.
Back where I belong.
I'll turn around and pick up the pieces

I see the picture.
Blurry but now it's in focus.
A fairy tale I purchased on my own.
I finally woke up.
Everything is better.
A chance for me to open up and grow.


Sufficating, sinking further almost everyday.
Barely treading water knowing
I will not give up,
I will not give up...


Se que hace tiempo q no escribo... pero el hacerlo ahora seria para llamar hijoputa a la mitad de la jerarquia eclesiastica, gilipollas a la mitad del pais y alguna otra lindeza... asi q mejor no hacerlo, verdad?

O eso espero.

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