jueves, noviembre 11, 2004



Turn around and pick up the pieces.

I, like a rock, sink.
Sinking 'til I hit the bottom.
The water is much deeper than I thought.
Nothing to swim with.
Kicking but I keep sinking.
A lesson that no one could have ever taught.

Chorus: 'Cause I can almost breathe the air
Right beyond my finger tips.
I'll turn around and pick up the pieces.
One more push and I'll be there.
Back where I belong.
I'll turn around and pick up the pieces

I see the picture.
Blurry but now it's in focus.
A fairy tale I purchased on my own.
I finally woke up.
Everything is better.
A chance for me to open up and grow.


Sufficating, sinking further almost everyday.
Barely treading water knowing
I will not give up,
I will not give up...


Se que hace tiempo q no escribo... pero el hacerlo ahora seria para llamar hijoputa a la mitad de la jerarquia eclesiastica, gilipollas a la mitad del pais y alguna otra lindeza... asi q mejor no hacerlo, verdad?

O eso espero.

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