sábado, agosto 18, 2007

Telling Stories
Tracy Chapman.

There is fiction in the space between
The lines on your page of memories
Write it down but it doesn't mean
You're not just telling stories

There is fiction in the space between
You and reality
You will do and say anything
To make your everyday life
Seem less mundane
There is fiction in the space between
You and me

There's a science fiction in the space between
You and me
A fabrication of a grand scheme
Where I am the scary monster
I eat the city and as I leave the scene
In my spaceship I am laughing
In your remembrance of your bad dream
There's no one but you standing

Leave the pity and the blame
For the ones who do not speak
You write the words to get respect and compassion
And for posterity
You write the words and make believe
There is truth in the space between

There is fiction in the space between
You and everybody
Give us all what we need
Give us one more sad sordid story
But in the fiction of the space between
Sometimes a lie is the best thing
Sometimes a lie is the best thing


LLevo pensando en esta canción desde hace ya un par de semanas... el video lo puse en un post anterior y, debo decir, que me encanta... por más motivos de los que en principio pueda parecer.
Y es que, al final, todos tenemos que llevar máscaras (o contar historias), para poder enfrentarnos a la realidad de cada día.


This Mask I Wear

by 16 year old Katchoo

This mask I wear you gave to me
One winter night beneath the trees.
It's black and blue enshrouds my life,
Surrounds my eyes and blinds my sight. This mask I wear pretends I'm here
And hides me from the awful fear
That you might find the heart of me
And take that too, beneath the trees.

This mask I wear to hide the pain.
It's all I have to keep me sane.
I just fell down, I'm told to tell.
There are no words to stop this hell. This mask I pray to God for why
He hates me so to watch me die
A little more with every night
This man comes in and rapes my life.

But little girls grow up, my friend
And learn the wicked ways of men.
And this mask I wear comes off the day
This mask I wear lays on your grave.


Mmmmm voy a ponerme música country ;). Ah, y ya sé que el poema ya lo había puesto antes.... pero es extrañamente apropiado mientras espero que ciertos bellotos esten listos para ponernos con el EVE.

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